Senior Driving

Senior Driving

Senior Driving

As the general population ages so rise the number of geriatric drivers on the road. But who is to say what age or condition does a driver become unsafe? Senior driving causes many accidents.

I’m sure dad remembers his 67 stingrays, and though he no longer drives pedal to the metal, it still may be time to hand over the keys for good. Did you know collision rates for people over 70, is higher than all but teenage drivers?

Dad loves to drive and not driving would be giving up independence and freedom, here are a few things to consider when making this decision,

  • hearing problems make it difficult to hear horns sirens or other hazards
  • Many seniors take medications that have side effects such as dizziness blurred vision, shakiness and depth perception.
  • As we age our response time increases, impaired motor skills can make it hard to move from pedal to pedal.
  • Damage to the vehicle can be telling small dents in the car or other objects such as mailboxes or garage doors.

Some doctors say some people with early onset Alzheimer disease pose no risk, due to the slow progression of the disease while others say a diagnosis of dementia alone is enough to declare one unsafe. As a last resort and if dad refuses, Call the DMV

44 states allow a doctor of a family member to report someone to DMV officials anonymously. In 6 states doctors are required to report a person they believe can no longer drive safely.

ActiveCare Staff, Sacramento Ca


“We have been so pleased with you and the care you have shown us, our family, and my parents. You have been so helpful and genuine, and have always been there in our time of need. We had some very good and qualified caregivers, and I thank you for that. Thank you for working with us, so hard, to get CalPERS up and going and correcting all the mistakes they have made over the years. You guys have gone through a lot with us. Thank you again, for your kindness, professionalism, and care!” – Donna B.
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“We are grateful for your services and would like to offer a positive reference on behalf of our family.” – Deloris