Vitamins more important as we age?


seniors vitamins

Can they truly help seniors?

Vitamins can help seniors. They are vital to one’s health the older we become, We all needs vitamins not only to fight off disease but to have more energy. The absence of which researchers says contribute to diseases and illness.

Seniors need all vitamins, but are there are there some that are more vital?

It is why the best supplements are so critical to their daily diet. Some minerals that are important are Zinc, Vitamin C, D, E and B complex.

Vitamins C, D, and E contain antioxidants, that fight free radical damage that leads to aging and disease.

What are the best vitamins for seniors?

Let’s take the idea of “what are the top vitamins for seniors” a step further. Needless to say,  health problems are different than those for the younger set. The need for digestive health, eyesight, and brain function increase as we age. Due to reduced functionality as we age. Supplements are vital, they can’t do it alone. A balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables goes a long way.


vitamins in hand

Key tips on choosing the best vitamins for seniors

  • The supplements should be generated at pharmaceutical-level GMP registered facilities. Supplements that are GMP recorded fulfill with the most strict standards so as to decrease the chance of product containments.
  • Make sure the supplement producer has a COA on file for review by you the customer thus verifying the strength of herbal ingredients listed on the label.
  • Always search for tablets that have an enteric coating. Enteric coating makes sure the safety of the table while in the stomach. So it is not damaged by stomach acids. Enteric coating protects the ingredients when they pass into the body.
  • Allways consult a Doctor or pharmacist for best results.


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