Depression in the elderly population

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Depression is a condition that can appear in people of any age, although senior citizens are more at risk.

The fact that many seniors live alone is mostly responsible for triggering depression. But, even so, this doesn’t mean that it is part of what it’s like to be old. But it is a regular occurrence. Not managed appropriately, it damages the quality of life. And can even make senior citizens consider suicide.

What are the symptoms among older adults?

The most common signs of depression among senior citizens may include feelings of sadness and emptiness, hopelessness or irritation. Other symptoms may include loss of sleep or sleeping more than usual, or lack of appetite or eating too much. Another sign is someone loses interest in things that they used to enjoy.

The causes of depression can be multiple.

If there a is a history in the family they are more susceptible to developing the condition

 Depression may occur after they lose their spouse, who was their life partner for years.

Illnesses that cause pain or reduce their mobility can also lead to depression. Due to medical problems, a person may start feeling useless, incapable, and helpless, which are feelings that may trigger depression. Also, loneliness, their children are not calling or visiting them may make them unhappy or unwanted. So, yes, there can be many causes, but these are usually the most common when it comes to older people.

If you notice that an older person is slowly sliding on the slope towards depression, there are ways to help.

Talking to them and in mainly listening to them can be of great assistance. Most elders just want a partner for a pleasant conversation. Be a friend to them who doesn’t hesitate to show support. And don’t judge a person for feeling sorry or sad. By encouraging them and showing understanding, you can lift the spirit of individuals that feel down. And do your best to be optimistic around a senior citizen, to help them have a great day.

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