Finding the right wheelchair

Wheelchair black and white drawing

As we age, our bodies are no longer able to support us in the ways they used to.

Sadly for some, the cane or walker will cease to do the job. In this article, we are going to give you some valuable information that will help you find the right wheelchair for your particular needs.


A wheelchair that doesn’t fit can be a serious problem

One of the main reasons people complain about their chair is because they are using one that is not a good fit for their needs. The idea is for the wheelchair to almost look and feels like an extension of your body.

A proper fit

The main thing to consider is that you should be able to fit snuggly in it. It doesn’t mean that it should be so tight that it would be hard to get out of the chair, but enough to feel secured on both sides. Any large gaps between you and the chair are not a good thing.

Compact and light does the trick

While many areas have proper structures and pathways for wheelchairs, there are still many locations that are not ideal for wheelchair use. Many prefer a lightweight chair that is going to allow you to move around with less effort and go over bumps that would be too much for a heavy wheelchair.

Proper axle placement

Your center of gravity is going to be critical too. The further back your large wheelchair axles are, the better your center of gravity will be. It is crucial when you are handling the chair on your own without any assistance at all.

Proper taper

The taper is an important thing to consider as well. The taper is the relationship of your body to the chair. The closer your feet can be fit on it, the better. Some wheelchairs don’t have the proper taper, and this means the legs are not going to be close together. This taper allows you to keep your legs and feet in the same place and it also makes you feel stable. There is a balance that allows proper function and safety, and you might need the chair tweaked or adjusted for a perfect fit depending on your body weight and structure.

Wheel type and size

The standard adult sized wheels on wheelchairs are 24 to 25 inches. The ideal Wheel size is going to allow you to reach objects as far above your head as possible. It also makes it easier to reach objects that are on the floor.
Avoid extra features as much as possible. The less your chair weighs, the easier it will be to carry around and fit it inside of vehicles. The lighter it is, the easier it will be for you to handle it in different situations.

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