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Sundowner syndrome

    What is Sundowner Syndrome?   Sundowner syndrome is when a person who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer dementia will start to develop a sudden change in behavior in the late afternoon or early evening. This syndrome appears to be...

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Early signs of dementia

  Dementia Care – The early signs of dementia Figuring out whether your mom is affected with dementia is not something as complicated as you think. If she continually forgets day to day activities, such as where she puts the keys, she may...

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Senior Driving

Senior Driving As the general population ages so rise the number of geriatric drivers on the road. But who is to say what age or condition does a driver become unsafe? Senior driving causes many accidents. I’m sure dad remembers his 67 stingrays...

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“We have been so pleased with you and the care you have shown us, our family, and my parents. You have been so helpful and genuine, and have always been there in our time of need. We had some very good and qualified caregivers, and I thank you for that. Thank you for working with us, so hard, to get CalPERS up and going and correcting all the mistakes they have made over the years. You guys have gone through a lot with us. Thank you again, for your kindness, professionalism, and care!” – Donna B.
“ActiveCare watched over my stepfather while I was at work. The caregiver was punctual and knew how to react to his moods. She did light housework, bathed and fed him, and made sure he took his medicine. Great personality. Very trustworthy. Best price for the exceptional care she gave him.” – Bettina
“We are grateful for your services and would like to offer a positive reference on behalf of our family.” – Deloris